Drupal Chat Module
Learn how to install chat into your Drupal site in 5 minutes
DrupalChat project page
    Step 2 - Enable only DrupalChat module at admin/modules as shown below.
Enable DrupalChat module
    Step 3 - Set the access drupalchat permission for authenticated users at admin/people/permissions.
Set DrupalChat permissions
Generate a new API key
Generate a new API key for your domain
    Step 6 - Copy the newly generated APP ID and API key.
Copy API key
    Step 7 - Go to admin/config/drupalchat/configuration (on your website) in order to configure DrupalChat module. Select iFlyChat Servers as the polling method and paste API Key and APP ID.
Select polling method
    Click on Save. That's it!
    Optional : To Embed Chatroom in a drupal node, click here.
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