Popup Chat Launcher Position

You can choose to show popup chat on the left side or right hand side of the screen. But if you want to have larger control of the position of the same, we provide option to change the position of Popup Chat Launcher. Basically, it will change the position of popup chat in minimised position but if maximised it will still be at bottom left or bottom right.

To change the position go to App Dashboard, here go to Settings -> App.

Here, there are two options Horizontal Offset of Chat Launcher and Vertical Offset of Chat Launcher. It takes values in percentage from 0 to 100. Entering 20 in Vertical Offset means chat launcher will be positioned at 20%(of full screen height) above bottom of screen.

Example - Many customers require Popup Chat Launcher to show at 50% height in the Right Side of the screen. For this you need to enter 50 in the Vertical Offset of Chat Launcher and default 0 in Horizontal Offset of Chat Launcher as shown below -

Popup Chat Launcher will position like this on screen now -

When Popup Chat Launcher is maximised, it will look like this as discussed above -

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