Private Embedded Chatroom

Private Embedded Chatroom

A private embedded chatroom is a kind of embedded chatroom, which can only be accessed from the page where it is embedded. A private embedded chatroom can not be accessed from popup chat. Online user list shows all the users who are on that page and have the permission to access this room.

For Example :-

Suppose there are 100 users online on a site, A Private room is embeded on

Out of these 100 online users, only 5 are at this page. So only these 5 people will be shown in online list and only these 5 can chat in this room.

Use Case :-

If you want to have Topic Specific Chatrooms for 'n' different topics. Then you can create 'n' pages and Embed 'n' private rooms in these pages. So users who is interested in whichever topic can go to that page and chat with like minded people.

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