What is iFlyChat and how is it used?

iFlyChat is a chat software which can be installed on your business or personal website. It helps to increase user or customer interaction, which increases the popularity of the website.

What is meant by Simultaneous Users?

Simultaneous users means the number of users online at a particular instant on your website.

What is White label?

White Label means there will be no iFlyChat branding in chat module if you install it on your website.

How do I install?

You can simply follow these simple 8 steps of installation. Each step is very clearly documented here.

How can I install iFlyChat on my Drupal website?

Choose Drupal version of your CMS and follow the steps here.

How can I install iFlyChat on my WordPress website?

Follow the installation steps here

How can I install iFlyChat on my PHP website?

Follow the installation steps here

Which browsers does iFlyChat work on?

iFlyChat works smoothly on all the popular browsers which includes Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari.

iFlyChat is compatible with which Content Management Systems/platforms?

iFlyChat can be integrated with Drupal 6+ and WordPress. iFlyChat can also be integrated with website built on PHP. We are integrating iFlyChat with other CMS and platforms.

Does iFlyChat offer FREE plans?

Yes, we do offer FREE plan. You can refer the details here.

Does iFlyChat offer custom plans?

Since everyone is unique and their needs can be unique too. So you can request custom plan by mailing us at We shall get back to you.

What is single sign on?

Single Sign-On means that users of your website do not need to sign-in separately into iFlyChat module to be able to chat with other users. Once a user is logged in your site, they can chat with other users.

If I buy now, then am I eligible for future updates?

Yes, as long as you are subscribed to our services, you are eligible to update to the latest release.

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